2020 (1 article)

Oct 29, 2020, The News Minute

Bengaluru’s Whitefield residents complain of foul smell at night in the neighbourhood

March 25, 2020, The New Indian Express

Nature reclaims its zone as lockdown ups air quality

2019 (6 articles)

Nov 19, 2019, The News Minute

Air in Bengaluru’s Whitefield improved after graphite factory shut down, data shows

Oct 29, 2019, The New Indian Express

Rain dampens festival spirit but keeps pollution down

July 09, 2019, Deccan Herald

Pollution down after Graphite India wound up

June 05, 2019, The Economic Times

Meet the crusaders fighting to help Bengaluru breathe

June 02, 2019, The Hindu

Here is how they cleared the air

May 29, 2019, The Economic Times

Graphite plant shut, whitefield breathes easy

2018 (15 articles)

Nov 05, 2018, The Times of India

Air quality data on Whitefield residents’ fingertips

Oct 23, 2018, NDTV

How Much Will You Pay For Pollution Caused: Top Court To Graphite India

Oct 23, 2018, The New Indian Express

Supreme Court to hear Graphite India case today

Oct 23, 2018, Deccan Herald

Mahadevapura chokes on burning garbage

Oct 03, 2018, NDTV

“We Breathe Black Soot”: Bengaluru’s War Against Graphite Plant

Oct 01, 20198, NDTV

Pollution Blackens Whitefield: How Residents Have Taken On Big Industry

Sep 24, 2018, The Times of India

Battle for Whitefield

Sep 20, 2018, The News Minute

Relief for Whitefield residents? KSPCB denies ‘consent for operation’ to Graphite India

Aug 13, 2018, Citizen Matters

Graphite Junction shows high level of pollution

Aug 11, 2018, Deccan Chronicle

Bengaluru: Sensors to gauge Whitefield air

Aug 11, 2018, The Times of India

Pollution watch: Teen, 51-year-old man get down to brass tacks in Whitefield

Aug 11, 2018, The New Indian Express

Alarming pollution levels at Bengaluru’s Graphite Junction, says citizen group

Aug 11, 2018, The Deccan Herald

Whitefield residents take stand to curb air pollution

Aug 11, 2018, The Hindu

Whitefield residents set up pollution monitoring stations

Aug 09, 2018, Bangalore Mirror

Breathe easy in Whitefield, but only in fits and starts

July 16, 2018, The New Indian Express

Network to help citizens gauge air quality better in Bengaluru

2017 (5 articles)

June 07, 2017, The Economic Times

Planet in Milky Way galaxy to be named after Bengaluru’s 16 year old Sahithi

Jan 13, 2017, Bangalore Mirror

Is your home built on an SWD?

Jan 13, 2017, The Times of India

Log on to this portal to check if your property is sitting on storm water drain

Jan 12, 2017, The Hindu

Check if your property is on a drain

Jan 12, 2017, Citizen Matters

Check encroachment using IIMB-RERI ‘raja kaluve’ tracker

2016 (8 articles)

Nov 26, 2016, Citizen Matters

Identifying Whitefield’s most congested stretches using Google traffic data

Nov 22, 2016, The Times of India

Meet the man who’ll map ATMs with cash, traffic too

Nov 22, 2016, The Economic Times

Demonetisation’s aftermath: How to find ATMs with cash

Nov 17, 2016, The Hindu

Crowd-sourcing to find ATMs dispensing cash

Nov 16, 2016, Deccan Herald

This app helps you locate functional ATMs

Nov 15, 2016, The News Minute

From locating ATMs to filling forms, good samaritans are helping during demonetisation

Nov 02, 2016, The Telegraph

Drain pain? Tech solution

Sep 23, 2016, Bangalore Mirror

Is your home on hitlist? Ask this app