AirCare air quality analysis reports

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Aug 12, 2018: Air quality analysis for RxDx sensor for the period Jul-20-2018 to July-30-2018

Air quality data was collected from AirCare sensor during the period July-20-2018 to July-30-2018.

Location near RxDx has 3.5x times the pollution of other locations in Whitefield. The average PM2.5 value for the measurement period was 42μg/m3.

During the data collection period, the 24 hours PM2.5 average for the worst day at RxDx was 68μg/m3. At the same time it was 9μg/m3 from another AirCare sensor (benchmark sensor) at Ramagondanahalli. The WHO recommended annual average value for PM2.5 is 25μg/m3. There is no safe level for PM2.5. A long term exposure of PM2.5 at 40μg/m3 is associated with an increase in the long-term risk of cardiopulmonary mortality by 24-52% and lung cancer mortality by 32%.

The PM2.5 values at RxDx shows a huge variation of 19μg/m3 when compared to 4μg/m3 at the benchmark location.

Based on the pattern of pollution readings and visual observations, the pollution is caused by one or more nearby industries.

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Based on the air quality analysis based on the data from March-01-2018 to Aug-09-2018, for the Purple Air sensor at Thubharhalli we found the following:

  • Air quality is the worst between 06:00AM – 08:00AM and between 07:00PM – 08:00PM.
  • Air quality is worse during the months of March and April; it becomes better during June and July.
  • Saturday has the worst air quality and Monday is the best day.
  • 13th of every month has the best air quality and 31st  has the worst air quality.