Our storm water drain encroachment (SWD) map application has moved to https://swd.mapshalli.org

Goal of Mapshalli is to help entrepreneurs, organizations, and citizens with technology, advice, and consulting. We specialize in IOT, analytics, deep learning, WordPress, and Maps.

Some of the existing products and services that we provide:

  • AirCare: Network of community managed air quality sensors: https://aircare.mapshalli.org
  • Find if your house is encroaching storm water drains or lakes. A collaborative software as a service with IIMB Real Estate Research Institute (IIMB-RERI): https://swd.mapshalli.org
  • Use Bangalore survey maps online to find your property village and survey number: https://swd.mapshalli.org
  • Analyze traffic routes and report congestions for the route and congested segments.
  • Conduct land surveys and provide sketches for citizen groups. Analyze GIS maps of lakes for encroachments.
  • Setup and manage WordPress sites for citizen groups: https://whitefieldrising.org and https://cleancoonoor.org

Please contact us via our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/mapshalli/ or by emailing us at info@mapshalli.org