Why you should not take morning or evening walks?

Updated: Oct-01-2018 Executive Summary Do you know someone who lives in the Whitefield area who goes for morning or evening walks? Why are we recommending that you should not take morning or evening walks? What is the best time to walk then? Based on the air quality analysis based on the data from March-01-2018 to […]

Methods to configure an IoT device for the first time

Introduction In this article, I will discuss the challenges in setting up an IoT device for the very first time and suitable methods to address these challenges. Many IoT devices are now being shipped to end consumers and these consumers are expected to setup the devices. For example, the product AirCare IoT is a Raspberry […]

Why should you care about AirCare? – The Genesis

Introduction This is my first blog article!  I want to explain a new and exciting project called AirCare. The goal of AirCare is to provide air quality data using a network of low cost air quality sensors around Whitefield, Bangalore. These sensors are hosted by citizens themselves but share data openly to benefit all. Background […]